Share audio on Facebook

Turn your audio into a beautiful video to share audio on Facebook​ & boost social engagement. Leverage the power of video even for your audio content.

How to share audio on Facebook?

You might not want to miss the opportunity to promote your podcast, radio show, or music on the biggest social media website.

Can you upload audio to Facebook? 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to post mp3 on Facebook directly. Promoting audio content on social media is not an easy task. Be it a podcast or, music there are limited options available to share audio on Facebook and promote. On the other hand, all major social media platforms have great support for video content.

How to leverage the power of video for your audio content?

Imagine being able to convert your audio into shareable videos  and in under 60 seconds. It’s as simple as uploading your audio file and picking a few options to customize the video for your audience. In today’s fast-paced, visual world, having a video on social media is no longer optional. What if you can get all the benefits of the video content for your audio content. 

Recast’s online audiogram app is the easiest and fastest way to create engaging videos to share audio on Facebook and promote your podcast and music on social media.

Getting started with Recast's audioram podcast app.

Create a free account on Recast studio and click on the podcast to video button. Follow These simple steps to create an engaging video to upload audio on Facebook

Step 1
  Upload audio

Upload your audio file and select the most important part to create a byte-size clip.

Step 2
  Choose a template

Select a template from the library of the templates or create your own.

Step 3
  Customize your video

Simple & intuitive interface so that you can stay on brand. Change waveform animation, Colors, fonts, images & edit subtitles.

Why share audio on Facebook?

It’s hard to promote your audio content on social media.

Social media platforms don’t show audio posts in the feed.

Boost Your Social Engagement. Start promoting your podcast with professionally-made videos with captions and an audiogram animation.

Over 3 million podcasts exist, but most of them are invisible.

The world is drowning in content, creating a massive information overload problem. The listeners don’t have the time or motivation to listen to another podcast.

Build Your Audience On Multiple Platforms. Turn your podcast into a series of social media-ready engaging audiogram videos to be used across multiple platforms.

Share audio on Facebook. Do not leave your audio content for dead.

Producing a podcast is a time-consuming process. Use Recast to quickly clip, design & caption to make waveform animation video and let it work for you.

Get the best out of your audio content.

Turn your podcast, radio shows, music into sharable animated waveform videos compatible with all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube.

Convert audio to video for Facebook

Imagine being able to convert your podcasts into shareable videos in under 60 seconds with automatic captions and an animated waveform. It’s as simple as uploading your audio file and picking a few options to customize the video for your audience.

Create audio visualizer in all formats

Convert podcast to video in vertical, square, and horizontal audiogram videos to make sure your videos are compatible with every social media platform.

Advance editor. Convert audio to video from scratch or design your own templates.

Use the simple yet powerful advanced editor to create videos from scratch. Add waveform animation, text, emojis, GIFs, shapes.

Unlock the untapped potential of your audio content

Start promoting your podcast across social media platforms with professionally made videos

Everything you need to share audio on Facebook

animated waveform

Add animated waveform visualization to your videos to make them stand out.

Automatic captions

Hook your audience with every word you say with automatic captions.

Progress bar

A dynamic progress bar increases engagement on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, and Facebook.

Animated text




Maximize the ROI of your podcast.