Add Subtitles To Video Automatically

No video editing skills required. Recast Studio is an online video editor that helps you add subtitles to video. You can repurpose your podcast, webinars, talking head videos into social sharable videos.


Learn How To Add Subtitle To Videos In This Quick Tutorial

Learn how to add subtitles & repurpose your content in 3 minutes.


Add subtitles to your webinars, talking head videos, podcasts & audiograms.

Use automatic captions, add your subtitles manually or upload your SRT files. Recast Studio will help you style your captions that look good with your brand’s design.


Reach More People With Same Content.

By repurposing your existing text, audio & videos


Add Headlines To Videos

Make sure you stop your audience while they are scrolling by writing eye catching headlines. This is important especially when people are scrolling through their feeds while on mute.


Add Captions To Videos

Subtitles act an an anchor for your audience to stay in the moment and pay attention to what is being said from moment to moment in your videos. This also keeps them engages and improves your video engagement rate.


Add Progress Bar To Videos

Most social media placements like Instagram Feed & Reels don’t show the amount of time it will take for the video to get over. That creates unnecessary anxiety. Adding a progress bar improves the video viewing experience.

Convert your podcast, music & radio show into engaging videos to promote on social media by using animated audio waveform.

Leverage the power of video even for your audio content. Share beautiful animated videos to boost social engagement and increase conversion.​


Create Sharable Social Videos

Convert your long form webinars, speech, talking head videos into short engaging social video bytes by adding text, subtitle, intros, outros & progress bar.

Plain talking head videos are not scroll stopping. You need to give your audience a reason to stop in their feed and unmute your video and listen to what you have to say. Social video bytes helps you do that.


Add text to your videos & ads to enhance your message in the video.

Adding text to a video makes your message more solid in your audience’s mind. It will also encourage them to click on the videos and follow your call to action.


Start Amplifying Your Content With Recast Studio

Add Social Media Bells & Whistles To Your Videos

Add text, subtitles, audio, images, audio visualizers, GIFs, shapes & progress bar to your videos.