Add Audio Waveform To Your Podcast

Recast Studio is an online video maker that helps you add audio waveform to transform your podcast to video.


Learn How To Add Audio Waveform To Convert Your Podcast To Video With Recast Studio

Grow your audience on multiple social platforms by using your existing content.

Reach More People With Your Existing Podcasts.

By adding audio waveform to your podcast.


Build Your Audience On Multiple Platforms​

Repurpose your podcast into a video using animated audio waveform to build an audience on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.


Boost Your Social Engagement

Use contextual intros, outros and call to action in your videos to boost your social engagements on all the platforms.


Scale Your Podcast Distribution

No need to keep creating content from scratch all over again for each platform. With just a few clicks you can repurpose your original content into multiple formats compatible with every social media platform.


Audio Waveform & More Elements

Add animated audio waveforms, text, subtitles, gifs, emojis, progress bar & shapes to your converted videos to enhance your message.

Increase the engagement of your videos by grabbing their attention with scroll stopping videos repurposed specially for social media platforms.



Videos In Multiple Formats

Convert podcast to video in vertical, square, and horizontal video to make sure your videos are compatible with every social media platform.

With every new social media platform, new formats arrive. And we are up to speed. You don’t need to guess. Simply choose the formats compatible based on the platforms you want to publish and grow your audience.



Subtitles To Your Videos

Hook your audience with every word you say with automatic captions.

When you audience is scrolling through their feed on mute, they need to have a reason to unmute and listen to what you have to say. And captions will help you do just that.


Add Social Media Bells & Whistles To Your Videos

Add text, subtitles, audio, images, audio visualizers, GIFs, shapes & progress bar to your videos.

Recast Studio's audio waveform maker helps you create animated waves for your audio and music, just like a professional editor. In a few simple steps.

Upload Your Audio File Instantly

You can just drag & drop the raw footage and start by adding audio to your videos our easy to use interface. No need to wait for your upload to complete.

Add Audio Waveforms To Your Videos

On the timeline of our video editor, adjust the start and endpoint of the video. Then choose a soundwave that would be suitable for your video and edit it. You can add text and upload the artwork to your footage.

Beautify Your Video (Optional)

If you want to add emojis, text, stickers or shapes in the video. Or even add intro or outro. Go ahead. Recast's powerful features allow you to enhance your message in your video.

Download Your Full HD & Packaged Video In One-Click

Once you are done with your video trimming, just check the preview once and download your HD video file with one click.