Recast Studio helps you create audiogram podcasts online that can be shared across social media to increase your followers and brand outreach . Create such awesome videos just like a professional editor. In a few simple steps.

Upload Your File Instantly

You can just drag & drop the raw footage and start by creating audiogram podcasts with our easy to use interface. No need to wait for your upload to complete.

Create Audiograms For Your Podcasts On Your Timeline

On the timeline of our video editor, adjust the start and endpoint of the video. Then choose a waveform and add text to it that would be suitable for your podcasts. Now trim the audio to a required length. You can either choose to make short trailers for Instagram or long-form content for Youtube. Make sure that you select the right duration for your podcasts based on your audience & platform. ​

Auto Transcribe Captions

Once you are done editing the video and added an audiogram for your podcasts. You can choose to auto transcribe captions to any language based on your marketing needs and audience.

Download Your Full HD & Packaged Video In One-Click

Once you are done with your creating audiogram podcast videos, just check the preview once and download your HD video file with one click.

Preloaded Design Templates

You can choose from a wide library of preloaded design templates and create audiogram podcasts videos in just a few clicks.

Customized for All Social Media Platforms

You can customize content for any platform. Be it 16:9 aspect ratio for Facebook & Youtube or 1:1 aspect ratio for Instagram & twitter or even 9:16 aspect ratio for Insta stories and snapchat.

Complete Customer Support

If you feel that you’re stuck somewhere with video formatting, or at any other video editing features. Reach us out through chat or email and we will surely get back to you. You can create and share content of any size or shape.

Perfect Podcast Audiogram Creator For Online Marketers

You can create beautiful audiograms for your podcasts and promote them across social media channels and engage with your audience.Be it for your Instagram stories, for your Youtube channel and many more.

recast studio founder abhinav sohani

Recast doesn’t just limit you to creating audiogram podcasts online. It serves as a complete online video editor for all your marketing & social video creation purposes. The user interface is specially designed for marketers, budding entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Who run their operations on shoestring budgets, unable to hire additional video editors.

Abhinav Sohani | Founder