8 Reasons To Transcribe Your Podcast

Have you ever thought about your podcast engagement? How do you stand out and let people discover your creation?

Well, many podcasters have found a way to stand out and create a different platform for their own content. One of these ways is to transcribe podcasts. Transcribing podcasts can make it simpler and effective for your audience to engage.

Here are some reasons that can convince you to create an audio transcript of your podcast.

1) Podcast Transcripts Can Increase The Accessibility Of Your Podcast

Podcasts are a generic medium of content creation. Whereas its transcripts can help you to read it anywhere at any time. They can cut-off the problem of situational accessibility. As it is possible for users to access it on the busy streets or in a quiet waiting room. They can also lower the problem of deaf and help them by providing readable transcripts.

2) Transcripts Help To Boost SEO And Increase Its Effectiveness

When you do it with zeal, it is a must to make the most of it. Providing a transcript will be better for search engines to draw traffic to your website. As the search engines can index text in a more precise way.

3) Transcripts Can Expand Audience And Upgrade Reputation

Even though listening is preferred by some, there are some who prefer reading the text. By transcribing a podcast, you expand your reach from listeners to readers. A clear transcript is a benefit to your audience who do not speak English as their first language. Providing a transcript with your podcast, shows you care about your audience, accelerates your growth.

4) Transcribing An Audio Podcast Can Help You Do More With The Content

While you convert your audio podcast into transcripts, you generate content. In this case, there is no need to create content for different social media platforms. You can use the transcript to create a blog post, or copy or share the whole transcript on other mediums. This proves to be an alternative in gaining new visitors through different mediums.

5) Transcripts Can Improve Shareability And Social Media Engagement.

Sharing the insights from audio podcasts would be quite difficult and time-consuming. Making it easy by providing a transcribed format would be more engaging.

Through transcripts, you can also create quotes, blogs, articles. You can also post them on social media  platforms. This would help you to increase podcasts reach.

6) Transcription Delights User And Enhances Experience.

Whenever you create content, you must always consider your audience as the center of it. Audience centric content will always give you a higher engagement. It should be in the way that everyone listening & reading it is enjoying it.

As we say, “If it doesn’t work this way, it must work the other way”. By offering a transcript with your podcast, your audience can listen to it on a busy day or read it on a noisy bus. Podcast transcripts can increase visibility. And they can get the best out of the audience’s experience.

7) Transcribing An Audio Podcast Improves Discoverability.

If you want to drive traffic to your website, the best way is to create a transcript. And the easiest way to perform it is by typing text in the search box. Thus, when you create a text version of your podcast, you create a place where Google can index and rank your data.

8) Transcribing Podcasts Is Easy.

Through advancements in technology, it is easy to convert an audio podcast to text. It does not need much time and nor is it expensive. Nowadays, podcasters like you no longer need to spend much time transcribing podcasts. As technology makes it more accurate, quick and cost effective.

If you want to automatically transcribe your video. Try Recast Studio.

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