How To Share Your Podcast Clips To Twitter Fleet

Every year, one of the big social media platforms comes up with a new placements. One placement that every platform seems to be adopting is the Story placement.

And Twitter has jumped on this bandwagon too. As podcasters, we must take advantage of it.

Here are a few basic facts about Twitter Fleets,

  1. The dimensions of Twitter Fleet is 9:16
  2. The resolution of video or image you can upload on Twitter Fleet is 1080 x 1920
  3. You can add up to 280 characters in Twitter Fleets
  4. Twitter Fleets are stay active for around 24 hours
  5. Your followers will be able to send you a DM from your Twitter Fleet. But you can also protect or make your Fleets private.
  6. The average duration of an image or text Fleet is 6 seconds
  7. The average duration of a video Fleet is 30 seconds

Now let’s see how you can post your podcast to Twitter Fleets.

How To Post Your Podcast Clips To Twitter Fleet

1. Choose your 30 seconds podcast clips compatible with Twitter Fleets

You need to decide the sections in your long form podcast that you can cut into clips of 30 seconds or less. You can use a tool like Recast Studio to cut these clips . You can create as many clips as you need to fill your promotion calendar of the week.

By doing this upfront, you will save a lot of time and mental energy.

The next thing you have to do is decide choose the correct dimension.

2. Use a vertical template

Twitter fleets are vertical in dimension. So the most important thing you need to do is to choose the vertical dimension for your project.

If you are using a premade template, all you have to do is choose a pre built vertical template.

If you are designing from scratch, choose the project dimension before getting started.

3. Edit or add progress bar, text, logo & podcast cover

Once you have chosen a template, make sure you edit the text, replace the logo & podcast cover in the template. Also make sure you trim the clip .

If you are designing your template from scratch, arrange all the elements in a way that can you can reuse it.

Then duplicate your project and follow the same process for all your other podcast clips.

4. Upload your podcast clip on Twitter Fleet

When you log in to your Twitter account you will see an option to upload your clips on the top bar on Home screen. Then you can choose your video file from your gallery.

5. Edit your fleet

If you want to add text and emojis on your Fleet. Go ahead. Most users also test out different headlines here to see what gives the best engagement.

6. Share your podcast clips with your audience

Once you done with your clips, go ahead and post it. Once you have posted it, all your followers will be able to see your Fleets.

If you want to share your podcast clips to Twitter Fleets, try Recast Studio to convert your podcast to video quickly and easily.

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