How To Edit Vlog Online For Free And Without Watermarks

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  • No Back & Forth
  • Zero Turnaround Time
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5 Simple Steps To Edit Vlog Online With Recast

Recast Studio's online video editor helps you edit Vlog online without any fuss, just like a professional. You can Vlogs videos about your product, service or even your hobby and then re purpose it on social media for wider outreach. In a few simple steps.

Sign Up & Choose the screen size

In just a few steps first sign up into Recast studio. Now select the dimensions of your YouTube video. The ideal size is 16:9.

Upload video instantly

You can just drag & drop the raw footage and start editing your vlogs with our easy to use interface. No need to wait for your upload to complete.

Put the Clips in A Order

On the timeline of the video editor,place the clips in the order of preference. Make sure the continuity and sequence of the videos is maintained properly. Look for that common point from the clippings that would peak the interest of your target audience.

Edit the video

Once you're completely satisfied with the way you have placed the stitched the clips together to form an effective and enticing piece content. Then start adding music, text animations, colors, logo and other effects to the video. Finally trim your video to the right length and send for exporting .

Beautify Your Video (Optional)

If you want to add emojis, text, stickers or shapes in the video. Or even add intro or outro. Go ahead. Recasts powerful features allow you to enhance your message in your video.

Download Your Full HD & Packaged Video In One-Click

Once you are done with editing your Vlog according to the content, just check the preview and download your HD video file with one click.

Key Features Of Recast's Edit Vlog Online

Easy To Use Option For Editing Video logs

Now with just a one clicks, you can edit your Vlogs with Recast's online video editor and share them across various platforms of social media.

Complete Customer Support

If you feel that you’re stuck somewhere with video formatting, or at any other video editing features. Reach us out through chat or email and we will surely get back to you.

Quick & Easy To Learn

You don't need to master the art of video editing. With a few simple steps and your imagination, create effective videos in minutes.

Perfect Video Editor For Online Marketers & Vloggers

You can edit long forms of video content with easy and share it as video posts on YouTube and the same can be broken into smaller content pieces and share them as Instagram stories, Snap chat stories, Facebook stories and constantly engage with your audience.

Supports MP4 File Format

This online video editor supports MP4 file format.

recast studio founder abhinav sohani

Recast doesn’t just limit you to editing video logs online. It serves as a complete online video editor for all your marketing & social video creation purposes. The user interface is specially designed for marketers, budding entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Who run their operations on shoestring budgets, unable to hire additional video editors.

Abhinav Sohani | Founder