The lifetime deal for PRO plan is sold out.

🎉 Introducing Lifetime deal for PRO plan.

Pay $49 once and get the lifetime subscription to PRO plan.

(sold out) Offer valid until 11th January, 5:30 PM GMT, 2019

How does it works?

  1. Subscribe for seven days trial of PRO plan. It will reflect as $49/month in your billing section.
  2. Send us an email at and mention that you have opted for the lifetime deal.
  3. We will charge your card after the trial ends.
  4. We will change your subscription from monthly to lifetime.
  5. We will never charge you again for the same subscription.
  6. You will get full access to all existing and future features of PRO plan.

Deal Details

  • LTD users will always have access to existing features mentioned on the deal page even if we change the PRO plan in future and remove some features.
    For example, we may decide to reduce the export quota from 40 to 20 for PRO plan but LTD user will have the same quota(40) as committed.
  • LTD user will have access to all the upcoming features mentioned on the deal page. Even though a few of them are for Premium plan(not available as of now)
    For example, team/workspace in planned as a premium feature and will not be available in PRO plan but LTD users will get this feature(with 3 members cap).
  • LTD users will have access to all the upcoming features which are not mentioned in the deal page's upcoming section but only if we add them to the PRO plan. If we add a new feature in higher value plan it won't be available to LTD users.
    Please note that the name of the PRO plan may change in future say starter but it won't affect LTD users. LTD users will still have access to it (starter plan)
  • Please note that there is a case where you can lose access to a particular feature if we decide to kill the feature entirely. You lose it only of everyone else on the platform lose it.
  • What if you announce an LTD in future for premium or enterprise plan in $49?
    You will get the free upgrade to the new LTD as you have already paid $49.
    If the price of the LTD is higher than $49 you can choose to upgrade by paying the difference amount.

PRO features

  1. 40 video renders per month. (Unlimited edits to a video within 24 hours after rendering.)
  2. HD(720p) video quality.
  3. Add your own watermark logo.
  4. Add your own outro(video or image).
  5. No Recast branding.
  6. Upload your own music
  7. 5GB upload storage
  8. Max. 5 minutes video length

Upcoming features

1. Multiple Orientations

Right now you get the 1280*720 HD video which is 16:9 landscape video. But every social media platform supports and recommends other orientations as well.
For example, Facebook support three 16:9 (for landscape), 1:1 (for square) and 9:16 (for portrait) orientation.
We are working on a feature where you would be able to render the video in different orientations.

2. Branding presets

A branding preset is the combination of Outro(image or video), watermark and, theme. Once it is ready you would be able to create multiple branding presets and choose one while rendering the video.This plan includes 2 brand preset.

3. Premium themes

We are also working premium themes which will be available to PRO users.

4. Create your own theme

An editor where you would be able to create your own theme. You would be able to mix and match different transitions, placeholders, text color and, fonts.

5. Team members / workspace

Get different workspace for each team member. This plan includes 3 seats.

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