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Rapidly re-purpose your content into videos for marketing in minutes

Recast Studio's online video editor has 2 types of editor. Use the advanced editor to design your own custom video templates and then give it to your busy marketers to swap the content with the quick editor and rapidly scale the production without compromising on design or quality of your videos.

  • No Expensive Freelancers
  • No Back & Forth
  • Zero Turnaround Time

Your Favorite Video Formats In A Single Tool

Meme Videos

Audio Grams

Text Motion

Video Ads

Story Videos

And 10+ Other Formats

Do Everything In One Place With Our Online Video Editor

TL;DR? Basically, everything you need to make your marketing videos look slick.

Add Stickers & Emojis To Videos

Want to make your video fun and engaging. Use stickers and overlays at the right moment to make your videos look more dynamic.

Add Text To Video

If you are looking to add a name plate to videos or even create a meme video. This feature is what you need.

Insert Images To Video

Images have a charm of their own. And sometimes we want to show them in a video. That is why this.

Animate Images

There is a reason we call it motion picture. Not fun if you cannot add motion to your images.

Visualize Audio Waveform

The new sexy in town for podcasters. We call it dancing waves. Just choose your favorite design and see the waves dance to your voice.

Create Multilingual Videos

Choose your language and your font. Now make your video in your language. That was pretty straightforward.

Custom Brand Your Videos

You know what branding does? It builds trust. Increases recall value. Reduces your cost of impression. And makes you look slick. Do you want that?

Auto Transcribe Captions

Let's face it. Manually typing the caption is boring. And why do it when AI can take care of it?

Add Subtitles To Video

What if your audience has muted while scrolling the feed? That's where subtitle will help you grab their attention.

Add progress Bar To Video

Because Instagram does not show one. And people like to know how much video is completed or remaining.

Trim & Cut Videos

You cannot call it a video editor without the ability to trim and cut. Can you? We had no other option.

Crop, Resize & Scale Videos

A lot can be done with crop, resize and scale. That how you direct your audience's attention.

Split & Merge Videos

Your long form webinar may not be the best format to upload on YouTube. Consider splitting it into smaller bytes.

Flip & Rotate Videos

Maybe you want to turn the video on it's head literally. Or just flip it. We don't know honestly.

Trim & Edit Audio

Once you start playing around with your audio. You get hooked. Don't believe us? Try it.

Slow Motion & Speed Up Videos

We all like some drama. Atleast in our videos.

Add, Replace & Remove Music From Video

What's the fun in a video when you cannot enhance it with a piece of badass music?

Free Stock Video & Photo Library In One-Click

Why waste 5 clicks when you can do it in 1. You can choose free stock videos and images within Recast with a single click.

Export Without Watermark

Watermarks are irritating. Export your videos without watermark. Whether you use our free forever plan or creator plan.

Full HD 1080p Export

It is crystal clear by now that people like crystal clear videos. Even you phone has that many tiny pixels. Why not your video?

Online Video Editor For Marketers

No more waiting for your editor to deliver the videos. Rapidly test & optimist your ads for every keyword or image variation all by yourself.

Online Video Editor For Creators

Focus on your content and let  Recast help you achieve the design consistency at scale and speed that can surprise your audience.

Online Video Editor For Agencies

Your team’s time is precious. Would you rather create videos for 5 clients in a day or just one with traditional options?

Collaborative Online Video Editor

Your design and marketing team will thank you for saving them hours of back and forth and miscommunication when you bring them together in Workspaces.

Quick & Easy Online Video Editor - Recast Studio  online video editor

Edit Videos For Your Favorite Social Platforms.

YouTube Video Editor

Design your own intros and outros for your YouTube video. Create videos with brand consistency with your own customized video templates. Create video ads that convert.

Instagram Video Editor

Whether you are an eCommerce store owner or an influencer. Having a high quality feed on Instagram is important. Make ecommerce video ads, IG story video or daily video posts. We got you covered.

Facebook Video Editor

Consistent posting of videos on Facebook is important. But creating videos consistently is a challenge in itself. Thinking of great content is half the hard work. Recast will make the other half of editing the videos easy and quick.

LinkedIn Video Editor

Create recruitment videos, educational videos, audiograms from your existing podcasts. Recast will help you rapidly and consistently launch videos and keep your audience engaged.

Quick & Easy Online Video Editor - Recast Studio  online video editor

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Quick & Easy Online Video Editor - Recast Studio  online video editor

Recast Studio is a cloud based online video editor that helps marketers repurpose text, audio or video into dynamic social videos.


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