Repurpose Your Video, Audio & Text Into Social Savvy Videos...

With Our Easy Online Video Maker

No video editing skills required. Make videos quickly with Recast Studio’s online video editor that helps you convert your content into professional looking videos in minutes.

Simple Online Video Maker Built To Rapidly Repurpose Your Social Content

10x the value of your content for different social platforms and be present for your audience where they want it.

Powerful Features For Engaging Videos

TL;DR? Basically, everything you need to make your videos engaging within moments.

Insert Images In Videos

Images have a charm of their own. And sometimes we want to show them in a video. That is why this.

Animate Images

There is a reason we call it motion picture. Not fun if you cannot add motion to your images.

Add Shapes To Videos

Use shapes to enhance the look of your video and design the scene.

Add & Animate Text In Videos

If you are looking to add a name plate to videos or even create a meme video. This feature is what you need.

Add Audio Track To Video

Easily add your podcast track or music track or voiceover to your videos and convert your audio into videos.

Add progress Bar To Video

Because Instagram does not show one. And people like to know how much video is completed or remaining.

Collaborative Online Video Editor

Your design and marketing team will thank you for saving them hours of back and forth and miscommunication when you bring them together in Workspaces.

recast studio founder abhinav sohani

Recast Studio serves as a complete online video editor for all your marketing & social video creation purposes. The user interface is specially designed for marketers, budding entrepreneurs and freelancers. Who run their operations on shoestring budgets, unable to hire professional video editors.

Abhinav Sohani | Founder