How To Share Your Podcast Clips To LinkedIn

LinkedIn has single handily established monopoly in the social media for business category. If your podcast is about a specific industry or profession, you should look at LinkedIn as a powerful distribution channel. If you have not yet started, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Let’s understand a few important facts about LinkedIn […]

Media Formats : For First Time Creators Who Are Confused

Media format is simply a well-defined piece of media like a newsletter, podcast, essays, books, blogs, vlogs, tweet threads, and countless other formats. In the last 10 years as a creator, I have worked on all of the above types. And it all depends on what is possible for you in the moment. Why should […]

How To Create Your First Waveform or Sound Wave Video

If you have just started your podcast, you may be wondering how you can convert them into social savvy audiogram videos like these :  You have come to the right place.  Creating such videos will help you start building your audience on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and a dozen other social […]

The Ultimate Strategy To Launch & Promote Your Podcast In 2021

Promoting your podcast is not an easy task. Especially when you are just launching it. In order to get the most value from your podcast, your audience has to invest their time in listening to it. But how do you convince them to give a few minutes of their time when they don’t know you […]

8 Actionable Tips, Tricks & Ideas To Promote Your Podcast In 2021

As of 2021, there are 1.75 million podcast shows out there and 43 million episodes according to Podcast Insights. And it’s no surprise that these numbers are rising daily.  With such a huge wave of supply, how do you make sure your podcast is discovered and heard by your audience? Or if you don’t have […]

The Ultimate List Of Evergreen Video Ideas

We keep this list up to date as we discover more and more evergreen video formats. So you can bookmark this page to stay updated. At Recast Studio we have used this list extensively to help us guide our product roadmap to build the world’s simplest yet advanced online video editor. We always think of […]