Video creation made as simple as writing a blog post

Re-purpose your existing text as video by using our AI enabled chrome extension and save hours of complex manual video creation process.

The simplest way to create videos

No complex software

Creating a video should not be rocket science. Recast makes it super easy to create engaging videos with the help of AI.

Create Write the video

Recast makes video creation as simple as writing a blog post. Content writers can create videos as soon as they publish the content.

Save time and money

Do not repeat yourself. Re-purpose your text content as video and save time and money.

Your next social video is a few clicks away


Signup & Install the extension

After creating an account, install the chrome extension.It takes a few seconds.

Create an account now

Navigate to your blog page

Click on the Create Video button. The recast will create a storyboard by summarising the content of the page with the help of AI. The recast will also pick relevant images for each slide.


Customize storyboard

You can select the content from the page and create new slides or replace with existing slides. You can also change the media from our vast media library.


Edit scene & Render the video

Click the Select theme button. Review the themes and select one of them. Edit the text and other properties of the scene then click on the render video button. That's it, You will receive a notification on your email after the video is completed.

The result

Here is a video created using Recast Studio in a few clicks

“ Recast is, without doubt, the easiest way we have found to communicate with our customers using custom, self-made videos based on our own text content. ”

Tom Rigg

MD Rig-Access

“ We are glad that we found Recast Studio. We are making videos 10x faster now by repurposing our blog content. ”

Megha Kendre

Head - Content Marketing at Groww

“ Repurposing my travel blog as video and posting them to Instagram has significantly increased the engagement on my posts.”

Anjali Indurkhya

Founder at Ghumakkadbandi

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