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Podcast Sound Bites Maker

Podcast Sound Bites Maker

Create & share beautiful animated audio soundbite videos to boost social engagement and increase conversion. Leverage the power of video even for your audio content.

Create & share beautiful animated audio soundbite videos to boost social engagement and increase conversion. Leverage the power of video even for your audio content.

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The Easiest Podcast Soundbite Maker. Do Not Leave Your Podcast For Dead.

Producing a podcast is a time-consuming process. Use Recast’s podcast sound bites maker to quickly clip, design & caption to make a soundbite animation video and let it work for you.

AI Shorts

Upload & Select the Clip

Upload your audio file and select the most important part using text to create a byte-size clip.

For All Platforms

Choose A Template

Select a template from the library of the templates or create your own.

Simple & easy

Customize Your Video

Simple & intuitive interface so that you can stay on brand. Change Audiogram animation, Colors, fonts, images & edit subtitles.

Podcast Soundbite Video Generator

Imagine being able to convert your podcasts into podcast sound bites in under 60 seconds with automatic captions and an animated soundbite. It’s as simple as uploading your audio file and picking a few options to customize the video for your audience.

ai powered

Marketing Assistant for Your Podcast

A generative AI tool that automatically turns your podcast episode into short video clips & writes show notes, blog posts, social media posts and more in minutes.

AI Generated

SEO & Social Media Content in a Single Click

Video Clips

Recast extracts the most engaging highlights from your episode to create short video clips.


Our AI-powered tool automatically generates shownotes for your podcast episodes.

Blog Post

Turn podcast episode into a long-form, detailed blog post optimized for SEO and readability.

Social Posts

Get AI-generated LinkedIn posts, Tweets, Instagram captions and more for your podcast episodes.


Send an automatically drafted captivating email with a podcast summary and key takeaways to your audience.


Brainstorming can be easy as pie when you have a list of titles to choose from. Simply select your favorite title and start brainstorming ideas.s and more.

AI Shorts

Single Episode,
30+ Viral Clips.
In Minutes.

Recast Studio usase AI to extract the share-worthy highlights to create social ready short clips from your episode in minutes.

For All Platforms

Social Media Ready Templates

Templates with automatic captions designed for engagment on social media.

Simple & easy

Stay on brand, customize everything.
In Minutes.

Super simple and easy editor to customize the clips to match your brand. Save changes and templates to create clips 10X faster.

Save time Save money

Hours of work in a few Minutes

Your podcast episodes are filled with a wealth of reusable content that can last for months. Consider the possibility of effortlessly extracting and generating valuable content within a matter of minutes.

Hours of Manual work

Without Recast

Use a tool to transcribe your episode.

Go through the transcript and write show notes

Write various social media posts about the new episode

Draft an email to send the newsletter

Find the main highlights to create audiogram/video clips

Use a complex video editor to create clips

Automate in Minutes

With Recast

Automatically generates a full transcript of your episode

Show notes with summary and timestamps

Captivating social media posts

An email with the key takeaways of the episode

Main highlights categorized by topic

Branded Audiogram/video clips in a single click


Unlock the value of your Podcast using AI

Recast can help you increase your reach by 10x with vairal shorts, posts, and content for your blog or newsletter.

Advanced Editor

Generate Soundbite Videos From Scratch Or Design Your Own Templates

Use the simple yet powerful advanced editor to create videos from scratch. Add audiogram animation, text, emojis, GIFs, shapes.

complete toolkit

Everything You Need To Create Soundbite Videos

Audiogram Animation

Add animated waveform visualization to your videos to make them stand out.

Automatic Captions

Hook your audience with every word you say with automatic captions.

Progress Bar

A dynamic progress bar increases engagement on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, and Facebook.

Animated Text

Animated Text


Shapes & GIFs

Optimize Your Podcast SEO

Nail the SEO of your podcast with automatically generated transcript, show notes and blog posts.

Transcript Editor

Recast Studio uses AI to generate the full transcript of your episodes. Editing and fixing the transcript is as simple as a text document.

Generate SEO and social content in one click

Get The Best Out Of Your Podcast Content

Why Create Podcast Soundbite?

It’s Hard To Promote Your Podcast On Social Media.

Social media platforms don’t show audio posts in the feed.

Boost Your Social Engagement. Start promoting your podcast with professionally-made videos with captions and an audiogram animation.

Over 3 Million Podcasts Exist, But Most Of Them Are Invisible

The world is drowning in content, creating a massive information overload problem. The listeners don’t have the time or motivation to listen to another podcast.

Build Your Audience On Multiple Platforms. Turn your podcast into a series of social media-ready engaging audiogram videos to be used across multiple platforms.

How To Make A Podcast Soundbite Video

Recast’s online audio waveform video generator app is the easiest and fastest way to create engaging videos to promote your podcast and music on social media.
Promoting audio content on social media is not an easy task. Be it a podcast or, music there are limited options available to share the audio content directly and promote. On the other hand, all major social media platforms have great support for video content.

How To Leverage The Power Of Video For Your Audio Content?

In today’s fast-paced, visual world, having a video on social media is no longer optional. What if you can get all the benefits of the video content for your audio content. Imagine being able to convert your podcasts into shareable videos in under 60 seconds. It’s as simple as uploading your audio file and picking a few options to customize the video for your audience.

Getting Started With Recast's Audio Waveform Generator

Create a free account on Recast studio and click on the podcast to video button. Follow These simple steps to create an engaging video waveform video.