15 Best Short Podcasts Under 15 Minutes to Listen in 2024

Short Podcasts for 2024: Explore our handpicked list of the best 15 podcasts for quick, impactful listening, perfect for fitting into your busy schedule.

Apr 4, 2024

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Table of Contents

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Do you have just 15 minutes? Perfect! Then, you're just in time to catch some amazing short podcasts. Recast Studio has curated the best ones for 2024, all under 15 minutes. Whether it's stories that transport you, news that keeps you in the loop, or ideas that spark your curiosity, there's something for everyone. 

These best short podcasts in 15 minutes or less in 2024 are the ideal companions for your quick breaks. Listen to these mini podcasts during your commute, a coffee break, or in those quiet moments in between for the best. 

So, are you ready to explore them? If so, dive in to explore our curated selection. See how these short podcasts can add value, entertainment, and insight into your day. And that too all within the tightest schedules.

Why Short Podcasts?

The shift towards short podcasts reflects more than just brevity; it's about perfectly aligning with your daily activities. From a swift jog to a quick commute, these podcasts present a unique opportunity. Consequently, they allow you to transform brief time slots into periods of learning, amusement, and inspiration. 

Furthermore, this ensures that even the smallest windows of time are filled with value. Therefore, by integrating these short podcasts into your routine, every moment becomes a chance for enrichment. Ultimately, they make every minute matter.

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Top 15 Short Podcasts for 2024:

In a world brimming with endless audio content, finding those perfect, bite-sized pieces of brilliance can be a quest in itself. These short podcasts are simply amazing. They enrich your day with insight and entertainment. Perfect for brief moments, they offer diverse content. 

Historical mysteries and future innovations are your quick gateway to knowledge. Moreover, each mini podcast acts as a quick gateway to knowledge. Now, enjoy this carefully curated selection, all under 15 minutes, for a world of discovery.

  1. Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities

Dive into the corners of history where strange, eerie, and fascinating stories lurk with Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities. Each episode uncovers historical oddities, unsolved mysteries, and bizarre occurrences from around the globe. This is perfect for those fascinated by the peculiar and unexplained. This podcast is a testament to how short form podcasts can captivate and educate. Further, this makes it an essential part of your daily routine for a quick escape into the world’s hidden wonders.

  1. Consider This from NPR

Keeping informed doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Consider This from NPR distills the day's most important news stories into a digestible format. Additionally, it delivers insightful commentary and analysis in under 15 minutes. It’s designed for busy individuals who want to stay informed but have limited time. This makes it an exemplary short podcast for daily news consumption. The podcast covers various topics, which ensures listeners are well-rounded and up-to-date.

  1. The Tiny Bookcase

The Tiny Bookcase opens the door to a world of storytelling and author interviews. Each of their episodes is wrapped up in a delightful short podcast series format. Each episode invites listeners into the literary world, featuring short stories that span various genres and themes. Additionally, it offers conversations with authors that offer deep dives into the creative process. This podcast is a haven for literature lovers. It provides a quick literary fix during a busy day or a moment of relaxation before bed.

  1. ABC News Daily

ABC News Daily provides a quick yet comprehensive update on global events. This short form podcast brings listeners the top news stories of the day, accompanied by expert analysis and insight. ABC News Daily stands for journalistic integrity and clarity. Even the busiest listeners stay informed, thanks to its concise format. Importantly, it's a must-have podcast for quick updates. Furthermore, it delivers current events efficiently. Therefore, even with little time, you're well-informed. Additionally, its commitment makes it indispensable and one of the finest options.

  1. The Other Stories

Dive into the realms of sci-fi, horror, and thriller with The Other Stories. This gripping short podcast series offers a collection of tales that transport listeners to otherworldly scenarios, featuring monsters, mysteries, and the macabre. Perfect for fans of darker, more speculative fiction, each episode is a masterclass in storytelling, proving that short form podcasts can deliver powerful, immersive experiences that linger long after listening.

  1. 15-Minute History

For history buffs short on time, 15-Minute History offers a solution. This educational podcast dives into historical events and figures with precision and enthusiasm, all within a 15-minute timeframe. From ancient civilizations to modern-day marvels, the podcast covers various topics, making history accessible and engaging for everyone. It’s an ideal short podcast for those looking to expand their knowledge without dedicating hours to lengthy lectures or readings.

  1. Short Story Today

Short Story Today serves as a daily dose of fiction. It further brings listeners various short stories from across genres and periods. Whether you’re into suspense, romance, or fantasy, this short form podcast delivers a new story each day. This is what makes it easy to find something that suits your taste. It’s a brilliant way to explore new authors and literary styles, all while fitting neatly into your daily schedule.

  1. Techmeme Ride Home

For tech enthusiasts pressed for time, Techmeme Ride Home is the perfect short podcast. It offers a concise rundown of the day's tech news, including the latest gadgets, industry trends, and Silicon Valley gossip. With insightful commentary and analysis, it’s the ideal way to stay informed about the tech world in a digestible format. This further makes complex topics accessible to everyone.

  1. 1001 Classic Short Stories & Tales

1001 Classic Short Stories & Tales revives the magic of classic literature, offering listeners timeless tales in a short podcast format. From adventure and mystery to romance and horror, this podcast series breathes new life into stories that have captivated readers for generations. This is further a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and a wonderful way to introduce classic literature into your daily routine.

  1.  PonTom Podcast: 15 minutes of pillow talks

PonTom Podcast stands out with its unique concept of pillow talks, offering listeners 15-minute episodes on various personal and societal topics. It’s a short-form podcast that combines introspection with exploration. This, therefore, invites listeners to think deeply about life, relationships, and the world. Perfect for nighttime listening or a midday pause, PonTom Podcast is an intimate, thought-provoking addition to your podcast rotation.

  1.  Today in True Crime

Today in True Crime caters to the curiosity of crime enthusiasts with a daily dose of true crime stories. Each episode explores a different crime, providing details, context, and analysis in a compact, short podcast format. It’s thrilling and educational. It further demonstrates the engaging power of short podcasts in unraveling the complexities of crime and justice.

  1.  15 Minutes with the Boss

15 Minutes with the Boss offers invaluable insights and success stories from business leaders. This is one of the best short podcasts. Tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals, it provides motivation, strategies, and lessons. It further helps you discover the path to success. Nevertheless, this podcast is essential for anyone looking to be inspired and informed in their career journey. 

  1.  Spineless Wonders

Spineless Wonders celebrates the art of short, impactful literary works, showcasing the beauty and depth that can be conveyed in brief storytelling. This is one of the short podcasts that is a testament to the power of words. It also offers listeners a selection of stories that provoke thought, evoke emotion, and inspire imagination, all within a few minutes.

  1.  Killing 15 Minutes

Killing 15 Minutes is a versatile podcast that blends interviews, storytelling, and insights across various topics. It’s designed to make every minute count, providing listeners with engaging, informative, and entertaining content. Whether you’re looking to learn something new or simply pass the time, this series of short podcasts ensures that no minute is wasted.

  1.  LitReading - Classic Short Stories

LitReading invites listeners into the world of classic literature, with a focus on short stories. This podcast brings timeless tales to life. It further offers an accessible way to enjoy the works of renowned authors. It’s an enchanting short podcast series for anyone looking to indulge in the art of storytelling without committing to a lengthy novel.

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How to Maximize Your Mini Podcast Listening Experience?

With the abundance of short podcasts available, incorporating them into your daily routine can enhance your life in many ways. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your listening experience:

  • Curate Your Playlist: Select a variety of short podcasts that cover different interests and moods. Ultimately, this will keep your playlist fresh and engaging.

  • Integrate Listening into Your Routine: Find moments throughout your day, such as during a commute or while doing chores, where you can listen to a short podcast.

  • Share and Discuss: Podcasts can be a great conversation starter. Share interesting episodes with friends or family. Further, discuss them to deepen your understanding and connection.

  • Explore and Discover: Don’t be afraid to explore new podcasts. Discovery is part of the fun, and you might find a new favorite.

By following these tips, you'll enrich your podcast listening. Additionally, exploring and sharing can broaden your horizons. In essence, short podcasts offer endless learning and connection opportunities, making every listen worthwhile.


The world of short podcasts is vast and varied, offering something for every listener. As we enter 2024, and if you are planning to start your podcast, Recast Studio is your marketing assistant for creating best short podcasts in under 15 minutes. 

These mini podcasts not only fit into your busy lifestyle but also enrich it, providing valuable insights, stories, and knowledge in compact, engaging packages. Start exploring these short form podcasts today and discover the incredible world of content at your fingertips.

So, what are you waiting for? Start enjoying these short podcasts today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Short podcast

  1. What makes a podcast qualify as a "short podcast"?

A short podcast is typically defined by its duration. It is usually running for 15 minutes or less. These short podcasts are designed to offer quick, impactful insights or entertainment. It further makes them perfect for listeners with busy schedules who still want to enjoy engaging content during short breaks or commutes.

  1. How can I find short podcasts that match my interests?

Exploring curated lists like the "15 Best Short Podcasts Under 15 Minutes to Listen in 2024" by Recast Studio is a great starting point. Additionally, most podcast platforms offer search and filter functions. This further allows you to discover shows based on duration and category, helping you find short podcasts tailored to your specific interests.

  1. Are short podcasts only for entertainment, or can they be educational too?

Short podcasts cover a wide range of topics, including both entertainment and education. Whether you're interested in history, science, daily news, or storytelling, there's likely a short podcast that caters to your educational interests while providing engaging and entertaining content.

  1. How do I integrate listening to short podcasts into my daily routine?

Integrating short podcasts into your daily routine can be as simple as playing an episode during a morning commute, a workout, or while preparing meals. The key is identifying moments in your day where you can multitask without significant cognitive load. This further allows you to enjoy and absorb the podcast content.

  1. Can short podcasts provide the same depth of content as longer podcasts?

While short podcasts are concise, many creators excel at delivering content that is rich in value and depth within a limited timeframe. The focus is on key takeaways and the efficient presentation of information or narratives. This further ensures that listeners can still gain meaningful insights and enjoyment from these brief episodes.

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