The Ultimate List Of Evergreen Video Ideas

We always think of our users as a journalist, who is in the warzone trying to send an edited report directly to the newsroom. And that is what drives us to design the experience.

Sep 6, 2022

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents





We keep this list up to date as we discover more and more evergreen video formats. So you can bookmark this page to stay updated.

At Recast Studio we have used this list extensively to help us guide our product roadmap to build the world’s simplest yet advanced online video editor.

We always think of our users as a journalist, who is in the warzone trying to send an edited report directly to the newsroom. And that is what drives us to design the experience.

Video Ideas V/S Content Ideas

Do video ideas mean HOW you are going to present a piece of content?

Does content idea mean WHAT content are you going to present?

If you are a creator, you have faced the classic problem of coming up with content ideas for your videos. What I have found is that if you have a list of video ideas available, then it is easy to come up with what content to put in it. Instead of coming up with a content idea and then thinking about how to present it. It is easier to think of a video idea (or the how?) first and then the content idea (the what?).

You can use the following list of an ever-expanding list of video content formats. These video ideas apply to YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, Facebook & other social media platforms.

List Of Evergreen Video Ideas

Video Listicles

Top 10 things you need to know about Quora” type of videos. These work. That’s the reason people use it so much. And they are easy to make. All you need is footage that can be downloaded from different places (by giving due credit and respecting their usage guidelines) and a voiceover

Video Essays

One of my favourite formats. This is a video format where you give a commentary on a topic at a deeper level. Check out ColdFusion or Every Frame A Painting on YouTube.

Video Memes

The format was popularized by Gary Vee. Also known as letterhead format. This simply means a square video or vertical video. Where the top bar has a title and the bottom bar has captions.

Video Podcasts

This could be simply one person talking with an audience or two and more people having a conversation on camera on a certain topic.

Audiogram / Podcast To Video

Basically, you take snippets of audio from podcasts and then convert them into video format. The video consists of an image or videos, caption and audio waveform animation. It looks cool and the message becomes more engrained in the audience since both the visual and hearing sense are engaged.

News Stories

The typical Mashable or Brut style videos. It is like a 2–5 minute micro-documentary style video. Where you use a combination of montages and clips. Overlaid with text and then some interviews. News outlets use this format a lot.

Video Compilation

One of the most used formats on YouTube nowadays. Things like top moments in the Olympics, Epic fail compilation etc.


Vlogs can be daily, or weekly basis or based on special events where you want to capture your experience of that special event. A vlog is simply what it says. A video log of a series of events that you have captured. The question is how can you make it interesting? And that calls for an entirely different blog post.

Ai Powered

Marketing Assistant for Your Podcast

A generative AI tool that automatically turns your podcast episode into short video clips & writes show notes, blog posts, social media posts and more in minutes.