YouTube Shorts Dimension: A Beginners Guide

A beginner's guide to mastering YouTube Shorts dimensions. Learn how to optimize your videos for maximum engagement and reach.

Jun 21, 2024

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents





Ever wondered what the perfect YouTube Shorts dimension is to capture viewers' attention instantly? 

Well, creating compelling content starts with understanding the right dimensions for your videos. The correct size can make a difference between a scroll-past and a click. 

This is essential, especially in today’s world where YouTube Shorts are exploding in popularity, with billions of views daily. Moreover, over 70% of YouTube watch time now comes from mobile devices, highlighting the need for mobile-friendly video formats.

With the standard dimensions being 9:16, your content fits perfectly on viewers' screens, maximizing engagement and visibility.

But what makes these dimensions so special, and can you experiment with different sizes? Understanding the optimal YouTube Shorts dimension is key, but there's room for creativity. Let's dive deeper to explore alternative formats, and discover tips to help your channel grow with YouTube Shorts.

Getting the Right Size for YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts Dimension

For several reasons, it's important to have your YouTube Shorts dimension sized correctly. Your video's size may affect:

  • How visible it is,

  • How it appears on various screens, and

  • Ultimately, how effectively it works.

Ask yourself a question -

“When a video perfectly matches your screen, do you believe it will keep you engaged and improve the likelihood that you will watch the entire clip? “

We all know the answer.

Better retention rates and an increased likelihood of your video being suggested by YouTube's algorithm result from this. Moreover, choosing the right YouTube shorts resolution also ensures that none of your important content gets cut off or displayed awkwardly. 

YouTube recommends an aspect ratio of 9:16 for Shorts, which is a vertical format optimized for mobile viewing. Ignoring this recommendation YouTube Shorts dimension can lead to suboptimal performance and a less engaging viewer experience. 

Why These YouTube Shorts Dimensions Are the Best?

YouTube Shorts Dimension

Understanding the correct YouTube Shorts dimension is crucial for creating content that captivates your audience. YouTube Shorts are designed to be viewed on mobile devices, so the ideal dimensions are 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels. 

This 9:16 aspect ratio certifies that your video fills the entire screen vertically, providing an immersive viewing experience.

Using the recommended YouTube Shorts dimension also helps your content appear professional and polished. When your video fits perfectly within the frame, there are no distracting black bars on the sides, and your message can shine through without interruptions.

Moreover, this YouTube shorts size is the same as most smartphone screens, making it the perfect match for mobile viewing.

Additionally, sticking to the 1080x1920 pixel size also means your content adheres to YouTube Shorts dimension guidelines. Therefore, ensuring it can be discovered and promoted effectively on the platform.

In short, by optimizing your Shorts for these dimensions, you're setting your content up for success, maximizing both engagement and reach.

Can You Make a Square YouTube Short?

YouTube Shorts Dimension

Yes, you can make a square YouTube Short, but it's important to understand how this choice affects your video's performance.

Why Go Square?

On one side, a Square YouTube Short dimension, with a 1:1 aspect ratio, is versatile and works well on various social media platforms. They provide a balanced viewing experience on both mobile and desktop devices. As a result, they ensure that your content looks good regardless of where it's being watched.

How to Do It - 

  • Shoot Your Video: Firstly, record your content as usual. You can use your phone or a camera. Just make sure it’s good quality.

  • Edit in Square Format: Use video editing software like Recast Studio to set your aspect ratio to 1:1 (that's square).

  • Add Captions & Graphics: Since you’re working with a square, make sure your text and graphics fit well within the frame. Thankfully, Recast Studio generates subtitles automatically and allows you to add graphics easily.

  • Upload to YouTube Shorts: Lastly, when you upload, just add #Shorts in the title or description to make sure it gets picked up as a Short.

However, while square videos might seem like a good compromise, they may not fully capitalize on the vertical YouTube Shorts dimension. Which is specifically designed for mobile viewing.

The 1:1 ratio can result in black bars on the top and bottom when viewed on a mobile device in portrait mode. This can detract from the immersive experience that vertical videos offer and potentially reduce viewer engagement. In short, square aspect ratios impact the YouTube Shorts specifications.

Alternatively, choosing to create square YouTube Shorts might make sense if you're repurposing content for multiple platforms. Do you want to learn how to effectively repurpose your videos? Visit here.

However, for the best performance, adhering to the recommended YouTube shorts dimension is advised. This certifies that your Shorts are optimized for YouTube's mobile-first approach. Thus, enhancing the viewer experience and maximizing your video's reach and impact.

YouTube Shorts Dimension: Can They Be ‘Wider’ or 'Narrower' Than Perfect Squares?

When selecting a YouTube Shorts dimension, you might wonder if you can use wider or narrower aspect ratios than the typical YouTube shorts video format. While YouTube Shorts are optimized for vertical viewing, experimenting with different aspect ratios can offer unique advantages and challenges. Here are the pros and cons of a Wider and Narrower YouTube Shorts dimension.

Pros and Cons of Wider Aspect Ratios (e.g., 16:9)

YouTube Shorts Dimension

Narrower Aspect Ratios (e.g., 4:5, 1:1)

Youtube3 shorts DImension

Therefore, choosing the right YouTube Shorts dimension depends on your content and goals. However, try to stick with the recommended aspect ratio as ignoring these guidelines can impact the performance of your Shorts.

How to Make a YouTube Short: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

YouTube Shorts Dimension

Creating YouTube Shorts is a fantastic way to engage with your audience and grow your channel. With Recast Studio, an AI-based podcast editing software, making compelling Shorts in the right YouTube Shorts dimension is easier than ever. 

For instance, Recast offers numerous features designed to streamline the content creation process, including:

Here's a step-by-step guide to creating YouTube Shorts with Recast Studio:

Step 1: Upload Your Video

Firstly, start by uploading your video to Recast Studio. Whether it's a full-length podcast, a recorded interview, or any other video content, Recast can handle it. Simply drag and drop your file into the platform, and Recast will automatically begin processing it.

Step 2: Use the AI Shorts Generator

Recast's AI Shorts generator is a powerful tool that identifies key points in your video and creates Shorts from them. Once your video is uploaded, select the AI Shorts generator feature. The AI will analyze your content, highlight the most engaging parts, and create short clips that perfectly align with the recommended YouTube Shorts dimension.

Step 3: Customize Your Shorts

After the AI has generated the Shorts, you can customize them to fit your style and message. Recast Studio allows you to add text overlays, transitions, and effects to make your Shorts more engaging.  Therefore, use these tools to highlight important information, add context, or simply make your Shorts more visually appealing.

Step 4: Generate Subtitles

To increase accessibility and viewer retention, use Recast's subtitle generator. Accurate subtitles make sure that your content is understandable even without sound. Recast automatically generates subtitles for your Shorts, which you can review and edit for accuracy.

Step 5: Create Audiograms and Show Notes

Recast also offers features like audiograms and show notes, which can enhance your Shorts. Audiograms combine audio with visual elements to make your Shorts more dynamic. Additionally, show notes provide additional context and information about your Shorts, making them more informative and valuable to viewers.

Step 6: Export and Upload

Once you're satisfied with your Shorts, export them from Recast Studio. The platform makes it easy to download your finished Shorts in the appropriate YouTube shorts dimension. Finally, upload your Shorts to your YouTube channel, sit back and relax.

4 Tips to Grow Your Channel with YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts can be a powerful tool for expanding your channel's reach and engaging with a broader audience. Here are four tips to help you maximize the potential of YouTube Shorts and grow your channel effectively:

  • Keep it Short and Sweet

Firstly aim for under 50 seconds. YouTube Shorts are all about quick, digestible content. People are scrolling fast, so you need to get your message across in the shortest time possible. Additionally, shorter videos are more likely to be watched till the end, boosting your engagement and watch time.

  • Engaging Content

The first few seconds are crucial. Grab attention right away with something interesting or eye-catching. Whether it’s a striking visual, a catchy tune, or a surprising statement, hook viewers immediately. Moreover, if you don’t capture their attention quickly, they’ll just keep scrolling.

  • Use Good Lighting

Good lighting makes a huge difference. Natural light is your best friend, it’s free and usually looks great on camera. Furthermore, if you’re filming indoors or need extra light, investing in a ring light can be a game-changer. It helps your videos look professional and clear, even if you're shooting with a phone.

  • Follow the Recommended YouTube Shorts Dimension

Lastly, stick to the 9:16 aspect ratio. This vertical format is optimized for mobile viewing, which is where most people watch Shorts. If you stray from this, your videos might not look as good on mobile devices, and you could lose viewers. Therefore, following the recommended YouTube Shorts dimension make sure your Shorts are displayed perfectly.

How To Win on YouTube Without Fancy Equipment

You don't need high-end gear to succeed on YouTube. Here’s how you can create awesome content and grow your channel with minimal equipment:

  • Use Your Smartphone

Modern smartphones have excellent cameras that can shoot high-quality video. Make sure to clean your lens for clear footage and use the advised YouTube Shorts dimension. 

Moreover, smartphones also come with built-in microphones that are decent for recording. Just ensure you’re close to the source of the sound to capture clear audio.

  • Affordable Editing Software

There are plenty of trial-based editing tools that can help you produce professional-looking videos. Softwares like Recast Studio or DaVinci Resolve offer powerful features without costing a lot. These tools can help you cut, splice, add effects, and polish your videos to make them look top-notch.

  • Use Simple Setups

You don’t need a studio. A tidy, well-organized space can be your set. Use simple backgrounds, like a plain wall or a neat room, to keep the focus on you. Lastly, ensure your setup is free from distractions and complements the type of content you’re creating.

Conclusion: YouTube Shorts Dimension

To increase user interaction and make sure your material stands out on a crowded platform, make sure your YouTube Shorts are the proper size. Making use of the ideal proportions may have a big influence on the performance of your video, whether you want to use the suggested 9:16 YouTube Shorts dimension or experiment with a square.

Furthermore, producing excellent Shorts is now easier than ever with technologies like Recast Studio. 

Additionally, remember that the keys to making your Shorts successful are regular adherence to YouTube's restrictions, decent lighting, and the advised YouTube Shorts dimension. Take a chance, try new things, and see how these insights help your channel develop.

FAQs on YouTube Shorts dimension

  1. How do you create YouTube Shorts on the YouTube platform?

  • Open the YouTube App: Use the YouTube app on your phone.

  • Tap the Plus Icon (+): It's at the bottom of the screen.

  • Select "Create a Short": Choose this option to start making your Short.

  • Record Your Video: Hold the red button to record, or upload a pre-recorded video.

  • Edit Your Short: Add music, text, and filters to make it interesting.

  • Add Details: Write a title, and description, and add #Shorts to ensure it’s recognized as a Short.

  • Upload: Lastly, hit the upload button, and your Short is live.

  1. What is the best YouTube Shorts dimension?

The best aspect ratio for YouTube Shorts is 9:16. This vertical format fits perfectly on mobile screens, making your videos look great and engaging viewers more effectively.

  1. How do viewers find YouTube Shorts?

  • Shorts Shelf: On the YouTube app's homepage, there's a section called the Shorts shelf where users can browse Shorts. That’s where the YouTube Shorts dimension makes an impact.

  • Search: Viewers can find Shorts by searching for specific hashtags or topics.

  • Channel Pages: Lastly, shorts are also visible on the creator’s channel page under a separate tab.

  1. How long can YouTube Shorts be?

YouTube Shorts can be up to 60 seconds long. Keep it short and engaging to capture viewers' attention.

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