YouTube Shorts: The Opportunity For Podcasters

These are vertically aligned short catchy 60 second long videos that can be viewed in the shorts section in an aspect ratio of 9:16.

Feb 9, 2022

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Table of Contents

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Like Instagram and TikTok, youtube also launched its short-form video content feature ‘Youtube Shorts’ in 2020. Youtube Shorts presents an excellent opportunity for podcasters to promote their content in a new and fast-growing ecosystem.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

These are vertically aligned short catchy 60-second-long videos that can be viewed in the shorts section in an aspect ratio of 9:16.The Shorts beta was fully released in the U.S. in March of 2021, surpassing 6.5 billion daily views.

Youtube launched its beta version in 2020 While keeping these three motives in mind. Unlocking a new playground of creativity

Delivering a seamless viewing experience across YouTube Supporting mobile creators. 

What Is The Max Youtube Shorts Duration?

Youtube shorts can be 1 minute(seconds long)

What Is The Aspect Ratio Supported?

The ideal dimension for Youtube Shorts is vertical(9:16); however, you can also create square(1:1) videos.

Shorts is a new way to express yourself in 15 seconds or less

Why Leverage Youtube Shorts?

Youtube is amongst the world’s largest search engines with over 2 billion users. The rise in short-form content platforms like Instagram and TikTok has compelled YouTube to jump on the short video bandwagon.

Youtube launched its shorts feature as a beta version in September 2020, and it has managed to gain over 6.5 million daily views in March 2021 alone, while first-time creators have doubled in number.

How To Repurpose Your Podcast Content Into Youtube Shorts?

Share Behind The Scenes

Take your audience through the entire process, right from production to planning to shoot to editing.
Sharing BTSclips humanizes your brand. It helps your audience understand the process of creating a podcast from scratch.
This creates a sense of authenticity and helps you connect with your audience deeper.

Create Video Highlights From Podcast Video

If you also record videos of your podcast, you can easily repurpose your video content into several short clips. Use video highlight maker to create engaging video snippets and share them on YouTube shorts.

Youtube’s recommendation algorithm will boost your reach and help you reach a larger set of audience.

Don't let your podcast content rust in your hard drives. Convert them into short, sharable content.

Share A Sneak Peek Of The Next Episode

Sharing a tiny sneak peek of the next episode can create a sense of excitement and curiosity amongst your audience. Talk about your next guest, add some quotes or share a funny moment from the next episode.
In this way, you can create hype around the next episode, and they would eagerly wait for the next episode.

Convert Audio Into Video

You can easily clip sections from your podcast and convert them into youtube shorts, This will not only help you effortlessly repurpose your podcast content but also reach a more extensive range of audiences.

But well, you can’t directly upload an mp3 audio file on YouTube. The good news is you can use Recast Studio’s audiogram maker to turn your audio into an engaging video.

Recast Studio converts audio content into video content while adding attractive visuals and animated waveforms to your existing mp3 files.

As a business owner having a thousand other tasks to complete, Recast can easily convert your podcasts into YouTube shorts.

This will save a lot of time, boost your SEO, and establish your authority on a highly popular platform like YouTube.

Final Thoughts

Being the world’s second-largest search engine and the second-most visited site after Google, youtube can help you get discovered better than other podcasting platforms like Spotify.

Since Youtube shorts are still in the beta testing phase and youtube is heavily promoting shorts at this moment,
While youtube shorts are becoming more and more popular and users are getting hooked to them, as a podcast creator, you have a 10x better chance of getting discovered than platforms like Spotify.
Hence Podcasters and creators can establish themselves before other creators join in.

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